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Capoeira Senzala

The Centro Cultural Senzala de Capoeira was founded by Mestre Peixinho – Marcelo Guimarães and is part of Grupo Senzala de Capoeira.

As it’s home at Rio de Janeiro Brazil, and it’s represented all around the world. Senzala Group was created in the early sixties. It as grown chasing perfection by contacting other capoeiristas and through intensive training while looking for knowledge with the old Mestres, spending several periods of time in Salvador, Bahia.

In 1967, while looking for new experiences, the group participated in the tournament “Berimbau de Ouro”. By surprise, they won the tournament, in all categories, and kept winning the next following years. With this, not only they gained maturity, but obtained national respect in Brazil. Later the group as spread, with it’s members teaching in different institutions, universities, academies, sort clubs, and gathering for the formation of new “Mestres” and the graduation of students.Senzala Logo

Actually, it is represented in all Brazil and many other countries.
It is this demanding for quality and high technical level, along with the dedication and consciousness of the true historical values of Capoeira that as kept the name “Senzala” as high reference in Brazil and all over the world.

From its own characteristic teaching method, one can point out:

Practical teaching centralized in the students, focusing in their interests, necessities, and own learning rhythms.

Respect for each one’s personality, valuing its own identity, developing ones consciousness and promoting the developing of self-confidence.

Proposing teaching methods that go beyond the classical styles of Capoeira (Angola and Regional) without loosing the traditions of the art itself.

Great creativity constant evaluation of its activities towards the improving of quality.