Capoeira Canberra | Mestre Rodriguinho

Mestre Rodriguinho

Mestre Rodriguinho, began Capoeira in July 1985 when he was only nine years old, in the city of Vitória/ES, Brazil with Mestre Luis Paulo Grupo Senzala de Capoeira.  He was inspired by the philosophy and style of Grupo Senzala.

In May, 1996 Mestre Rodriguinho started to attend training sessions at Centro Cultural Senzala de Capoeira directed by Mestre Peixinho in Rio de Janeiro. Since then he began to have more exchanges with Mestre Peixinho and the Groupo Senzala.  He participated in many events and seminars.  Soon he was coordinating a branch of the Grupo Senzala in Vitória/ES Brazil which taught the capoeira in schools, kindergartens, clubs and Sport Fitness Centers. He was always proud to have Mestre Peixinho as his master; a very important person in his development as capoeirista and as a Capoeira’s professional and educator.

Through capoeira, Mestre Rodriguinho, visited several countries (Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Serbia, Denmark and Indonesia), running workshops, participating in events and teaching the Brazilian art form.

Mestre Rodriguinho completed his post-graduate studies in Physical Education, specialising in school education and sports, and was recognized as a Capoeira master for Grupo Senzala in 2012.  During this grading ceremony, Mestre Rodriguinho was honoured to be invited to play with the highly respected Grupo Senzala Mestres, including the prestigious founding Mestres.

In 2008, Mestre Rodriguinho moved to Canberra, Australia where he has been teaching capoeira ever since. Whilst in Canberra, he has also been performing for various events. He is very proud to share the Brazilian culture with the Australian Community.