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Kids classes combine elements of musicality, acrobatics, dance and martial arts within engaging games.
The movements executed in Capoeira involve the co-ordinated use of the whole body. Besides being fun and active, it is very beneficial for child development.
Children develop discipline whilst having fun – developing their coordination, flexibility and strength. They gain self-confidence as they become more skilled in elements of acrobatics, dancing and singing – all parts of the capoeira game (or jogo).
In Brazil, Capoeira is the second most practiced sport after soccer. It is part of many Brazilian schools curricula.
Short courses of Capoeira can also be offered as a part of your school sport programs and as an alternative cultural experience.
Capoeira Senzala Australia program has been very successful in public and private schools around Canberra ACT.

2019 January

We will be training outside around the beautiful Commonwealth Park. Classes run in Stage 88 in Commonwealth Park on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Adults, kids, and parents are welcome to join.

6:30pm to 7:30pm (all levels)